​Encore Presentation Mission Statement:

​​Encore Presentation, Inc. is a 501c(3) non-profit majority volunteer organization. Encore Presentation, Inc. was created to help people learn to build and maintain positive and beneficial relationships. Our life coaches are experienced and come from all walks of life, specializing in relationships, fitness, nutrition, career, health, finance, entrepreneurship, transitions, crisis, and other life choices.

​​Encore Presentation, Inc.  offers six free life coaching sessions to underprivileged participants. We also conduct free group sessions at homeless shelters, halfway houses, churches and other under served populations. 

​​Encore Presentation, Inc. was founded by Tahera Rene Christy, world renowned relationship expert, life coach, author and entertainer.  She started ​​Encore Presentation, Inc. as a way to give back to communities that need a positive boost in hope and direction.

Our staff and coaches are volunteers willing to share their time, resources, and knowledge with people in need. We also offer affordable life coach training.

Encore Presentation, Inc. suggests that change  starts with you. Re-inventing your established self with new perspective and re-presenting yourself to your public is the start to better success! No matter where you live, there is a dedicated professional life coach we can assign to you.

Don't try harder, try different! Encore Presentation, Inc. will give you the skills to becoming a successful person in every aspect of life.

Encore Presentation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3), non-profit lifestyle enhancement alliance that focuses on developing healthy self-esteem and increasing self-confidence through personalized coaching and life management activities.​​

Don’t try harder, try different!

Meet The President & Founder

Tahera Rene Christy

"Our greatest reward in life is to love ourselves completely and deeply. Then, we can focus on sharing that love with the world."

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  • Reconciling Trauma
  • Health & Beauty
  • Teen Center
  • Strong Relationships
  • Tips & Advice
  • Marriage Center
  • Parenting
  • Relationship Coaching
  • Healthy Families
  • Image Re-Branding
  • Goal Setting
  • Navigating through Change


We are here to help!

We envision a world where women can take their traumas and use them as fuel to empower their future.

We validate and affirm the dignity of underrepresented communities with educational, mental and emotional support services. We focus our services in the unhoused communities, women in rehab facilities, pregnant and new single mothers in halfway houses and homeless shelters throughout Orange County, California. 

We strive to uplift these communities by reflecting back to them their strengths. We can acknowledge their past while offering support services to towards a brighter future. We intervene at the critical times of our client's journey and help redirect their efforts towards a successful outcome through individual life coaching focused on healing informed care, parenting classes, wellness classes, personal finance services and community outreach services. 

What's missing in our society is the critical focus on the strengths women provide our communities.  These women took a wrong turn in life, but we support them by redirecting them to their critical life's path. We believe that when you heal a woman, you change the dynamics of an entire community.  We stress to our clients to "Try Different" because trying harder at something that is not working is non-productive. These individuals deserve the opportunity to try another path towards their personal greatness.

Our work is vital at strengthening these communities through personal stories which uplifts the impact of our work. We work hard to uplift our clients toward becoming productive members of our society. 

A Lifestyle Enhancement organization