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Andrea Galbreath

Business Owner & Fitness Expert


"Strength goes beyond the physical. It's about being confident and believing in yourself. It's about thinking big and taking chances. It's about loving yourself and accepting nothing but the best. Be strong, because it is beautiful. #letgo #investinyourself #bestrong"


She began her career as a social worker over 14 years ago. After working many years with individuals suffering from chronic and terminal illnesses, and recognizing she had to make same health changes herself, she decided to change career path and focus on health promotion and disease prevention.


Andrea is a certified fitness professional and has completed Health and Wellness Coach training.  She is the creator of the S.M.I.L.E. Transformation Strategy, Body Ablaze Total Body Conditioning, and F.R.E.S.H.  Andrea also teaches group fitness classes, including Turbo Kick®, Kickboxing, and Hip Hop Hustle®,  in sunny Southern California.

Joshua Fredenburg

National Speaker and Author


"I believe that I am going to be a millionaire one day because I have a million dollar vision to impact the world!!!"


Joshua Fredenburg is a National Speaker, Author, Leadership Expert, and Generation Y Television Commentator who speaks on current issues and is on a mission as a National Speaker to empower at least 1 BILLION LEADERS WORLDWIDE with effective leadership strategies that will enable them to make a positive impact in their community, nation, and world and become one of America’s Next Top Leaders! For the past seven years, Joshua has appeared as a television guest on BET, the Wayne Brady Show, the KTLA Morning Show in Los Angeles, and many other familiar radio and television programs throughout the country.


He has also served as a dynamic Keynote Speaker in 40 different states for lectures, leadership conferences, retreats, and trainings at high schools, colleges, and corporate events.

In addition to his successful speaking and television career, Joshua has published three books and has developed an annual national leadership conference, Circle of Change Leadership Conference, that prepares student leaders in college for executive-level leadership positions after graduation and connects student leaders with executives from companies such as Pepsi, Columbia Pictures, Hewlett Packard, CNN, Fox Searchlight Productions, UPS, VH-1, Nestle, and American Airlines, to name a few. He also mentors and coaches student leaders throughout the country, writes a popular monthly newsletter on issues that revolve around leadership, is pursuing a PhD in Organizational Leadership at Nova Southeastern College, and serves on the Board of Directors for the Lois Swan Leadership Center at California State University, Long Beach. 


Rosa Savage

Author & Health Expert


"Who says you have to look like your age?"


With Rosa Savage’s The New Sixty readers will be inspired and motivated to opt for a healthier lifestyle.


For most women, aging is such a dreaded thought. A sensitive topic, aging has become a full-blown issue that leads many, especially those who belong to the “Baby Boomer” generation to obsess about fancy and expensive remedies. Putting extreme amounts of focus on maintaining their beauty, they spend a fortune on anti-wrinkle night creams, commercial beauty soaps, salon make-over procedures and even surgical enhancement operations just so that they can get the desired effect.


Nonetheless, what many of them do not realize though is that whilst youth is achieved through physical wellness and a healthy lifestyle, beauty comes from the inside, literally! The workings of your internal body organs are responsible for how you look on the outside. This book offers everything you need to know about your body to achieve that young, fresh and healthy look


If you look healthy, you look beautiful. These two come in handy. You can’t be beautiful without looking healthy and vice versa.


Therefore, if you want change, start from within and to guide you in your lifestyle choices, you can start by buying this useful, informative and self-empowering book that will surely enhance your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health!

Tahera Rene Christy

CEO & Founder of Encore Presentation

“It’s not what happens to you, it’s what you do with the circumstances.”


Our greatest reward in life is to love ourselves completely and deeply. Then, we can focus on sharing that love with the world"(Christy,T.). 

Tahera Rene Christy is the CEO & and Founder of Encore Presentation, Inc. located in Laguna Niguel, CA. Encore Presentation, Inc. is a lifestyle enhancement company that focuses on maintaining healthy self-esteem and increasing self-confidence though personalized coaching and life management activities. Growing up in the mean streets of Oakland, CA, Tahera Rene learned very quickly how uncommon common sense really is.  Tahera Rene turned to the arts to overcome gang violence, poverty and abuse.  She attended Skyline High School in Oakland where she enrolled in the Performing Arts Academy.  Tahera sang, danced and acted her way into the spotlight.  She graduated high school with honors, went to the California State University in Long Beach to obtain her Bachelor of Arts in Rhetoric with a Minor in Music. She later spent the large majority of her adult life in Corporate America with major companies as a successful Sales Manager and Leader.  This success helped her to gain a necessary advantage in the game of life: Building and maintaining successful relationships.  Tahera Rene Christy wants to pass this knowledge along with flare, comedy, creativity and class.   Tahera lives in Laguna Niguel with her husband, Benjamin, and 3 children.