A Safe Space for Us: Empowering Women of Color Healing Retreat

Private Residence  | Orange County, CA 92677

Friday, April 26, 2022 at 5:30 PM - Sunday, April 28, 2022 at 11:00 AM (PST)

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A Lifestyle Enhancement organization

A Safe Space for Us: Healing Retreat Empowering Women of Color 

A Lifestyle Enhancement Retreat, specifically designed for Women of Color.

Weekend Retreat to engage Women of Color in mental and emotional healing in a safe, fun and supportive environment.

Allow yourself a weekend to rejuvenate your mind, soul and physical body. Escape into the peacefulness of nature. Detox from daily distractions of social media, technology, toxic eating and caring for everything and everyone else. This is your time to put you first. This is your time for you to experience what it feels like to be cared for by you.

Included: 3 days and 2 nights shared room accomodations, meals, smoothies, juices, beverages, meditations, chakra balancing, massage, art therapy, yoga, retreat gifts, words of wisdom, ceremonies, nature hikes.

Not Included: Roundtrip travel to retreat site, yoga mates, swimsuites for jacuzzi, extra blanket/wraps.

Why should you join us?

Because woman of ethnic diversity are bombarded with the nuances of life, coupled with the posttraumatic stress of racism, classism, lack of religious diversity acceptance and sexual harassment and repression, they tend to hold on to anger, stress, guilt or shame in order to function as wives, mothers, workers, good family members and friends. There are a myriad of clubs, groups and organizations that offer support services to women in general, but Women of Color have very few safe environments to work out their grievances without being judge, ridiculed or labeled derogatorily for speaking up. Society tends to ignore the mental and emotional health of most people, so when it comes to the health of Women of Color, we are forced to suppress, ignore, deflect, or re-live the trauma of the mental and emotional concerns we face every day.

As a Black wife, mother, sister, daughter and friend, I am tired of being tired. I am fed up with ignoring my frustrations. I am over neglecting my needs, wants and desires. I am determined to speak up about my needs and demand for the world to acknowledge my strengths, weaknesses, joy, concerns, benefits and set-backs without judgement. Since I know my chances of getting the world to see me clearly are slim to none, I realize that I will need to do the work I need to heal myself and my own spirit. I have the desire to share the power of that healing with other women that may feel the same way.

Out of the need for reclaiming my time, energy and stability birthed “A Safe Place, for Us.” A Safe Place, for Us is an all-inclusive weekend resort retreat specifically designed for Woman of Color. We have lifestyle experts, therapists, nutritionist, wellness coaches, spiritual guides, financial planners and fitness instructors to help facilitate your weekend of peel, purge, and replace.

Peel, purge and replace describes our goal and vision for every retreat attendee:

Peel back the layers of each woman to identify the hurts and triggers associated with her traumas.

We’ll facilitate her purge of the hurt, pain, shame, guilt, etc. of her said affliction.

We will offer her the tools to replace the negative internalized thoughts, feelings and emotions that contribute to her frustration.

We understand that dealing with our issues tend to feel burdensome and taxing. Anyone who’s ever cleaned out a closet knows that it’s got to get messy before it can be organized and clean. Our process is no different. The caveat is we will be there for you every step of the way.

A Safe Place, for Us utilizes music, dance, art therapy, comedy, creativity and fun to inspire, excite and entertain our participants let go, let loose and be themselves.

It’s a tough initiative to attempt to support years of pain, suffering, trauma and affliction that our participants have experienced in one weekend. We are not a bandage, but a start of a lifelong journey toward true and fulfilling happiness. All our experts are available for on going support and resources will be made available as ongoing support for this journey of healing.

We limit our attendees to 15 women for each session to maximize our attention to each participant’s needs. This experience is not for everyone, but a specialized experience for Women of Color that are ready to move forward in their lives without the baggage of yesterday.

Our retreat will be held in Palm Desert, CA in September 2018, January 2019, April 2019 and June 2019. If you miss our inaugural retreat, you will be missing on several bonus features!

Tickets for the retreat are $595 an include:

Room accommodations in double occupancy room (add $200 for a single occupancy)

All meals while on the retreat

Course materials, supplies and facilities

Expert support and facilitation of activities

Entertainment and keepsake to take home with you

We offer payment plans for as little as a $95 non-refundable deposit to support your participation in this amazing experience. Scholarships are available for participants that are not able to afford the full cost to participate but have the desire to experience the benefits of being apart of an inspiring community of women. Please register here and send an email to Encorepresentationinc@gmail.com expressing why you want to attend.

The cost of this experience is minor compared to the value to changing your life forever. Consider joining us and expect to never be the same again.


Peace and Love,

Tahera Rene Christy